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Monday, 31 December 2012

About Me

Hi people,

My name is Sakshi Garg. People often have difficulty pronouncing my name but i am fine with it.I have numerous nicknames.I am going to be honest about them so that everyone will have a idea how annoying  my primary school friends were.They often called me Sakae Sushi ,sushi-especially for this name...they would start teasing me about eating sushi for dinner/lunch/breakfast.There is this nickname which i hated and dreaded the thought of it and although i said that i will be honest i cannot disclose this.Personally ,i like the nickname sushi as i believe that nicknames give you a feeling of speciality.So if my future classmates are reading this ,u can call me by any name but i request all of you to refrain from calling me names.I think you can associate me to the object below...u may come to any conclusions you like...

I like to read and play badminton.I also like to write long essays on the computer.I really like to read because the stories make me travel to a magical world like never before.I visit the library often and borrow all kinds of books that capture my attention and seem interesting.My favourite authors are JK Rowling,Suzzana Collins and Dan Brown.I enjoy playing badminton because i believe that if i play badminton,i am relieving stress.Other than sports ,i have certain methods on how to relieve stress.These methods come in handy when i am under tremendous stress.They help me to cool my nerves.

I also have a two year old brother.I find him extremely fun to play with.Every exam period ,i make it a routine to play with him for at least half an hour as it helps me to relieve stress.I don't really expect someone to treat me in a certain manner because i understand that different people will have different opinions about my personality and behaviour.

I enjoy doing public speaking as it tells me that i have everyone's' attention.I guess it is natural.However ,i have seen that when i am in stress,I tend to go hyper sometimes.This is my disadvantage which i hope will improve as my days go by in SST.

If anyone wants to know more...i have this link here to a picasa web album.Oh ya ,just to tell you ,I have not good in IT .I wonder how i am going to survive in a techno school like SST .Well ,as always ,i will learn slowly and properly .

Here is the hyperlink to the picasa web album:

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